General Terms and Conditions

for the funding of research projects


1.    Scope
1.1.    These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern all research projects funded by the Association for Dental Infection Control (ADIC), unless otherwise agreed in writing. 
1.2.    The present GTC apply as from January 1st, 2021. ADIC reserves the right from time to time modify or amend the present GTC. The applicable GTC shall be those in force at the time that an application is submitted. 

2.    Application
2.1.    Funding applications are to be made by signing and submitting online of the form "Funding Application", accessible on ADIC’s website. Any submission of a signed form shall be deemed as an acceptance of the present GTC.  
2.2.    Applications must be submitted by 30th of June or 31st of December. A decision on funding will be taken within six months of the respective deadline. ADIC will inform by letter.
2.3.    There is no legal entitlement to funding for an application, and no appeal against ADIC's decision is possible.
2.4.    ADIC may submit the application, including any annexes, to an external reviewer for assessment.
2.5.    ADIC reserves the right to request additional documentation and information.
2.6.    Together, the approved Funding Application, the funding letter including its amendments in writing and the present GTC form the entire agreement between the parties regarding the funding of the research project (Agreement).
2.7.    In the event of any inconsistency or conflict between the funding letter including its amendments, the present GTC and the approved Funding Application, the following order of precedence shall apply: funding letter including its amendments in writing, GTC and approved Funding Application.

3.    Financial support
3.1.    ADIC awards a maximum amount (+ VAT if applicable). This amount is decided at ADIC’s discretion and cannot be exceeded. The clarification of the VAT obligation and the correct settlement of the VAT is the responsibility of the grant recipient. Overhead expenses, which are included in the awarded maximum amount, shall not exceed 5 %. 
3.2.    The contribution will be paid against invoices and/or in instalments specified in the funding letter. 
3.3.    Any invoices are to be sent by email to
3.4.    If the progress of the research project does not correspond to the Agreement, ADIC reserves the right to adjust the payments. Progress is assessed based on the reporting received.
3.5.    After completion of the research project, ADIC is to be provided with a final report without delay. The final payment of 10 % will be made after publication of the scientific article mentioned in provision 5.
3.6.    ADIC must be informed in writing without undue delay of any circumstances which could change or influence the grant. Any deviation from the approved research project (e.g. timetable, methods, etc.) must be justified. 
3.7.    ADIC reserves the right to re-examine the funding of a modified or cancelled research project and to discontinue, adjust or reclaim the funding according to the result of the re-examination.

4.    Reporting and results
4.1.    All research results must be made available to ADIC.
4.2.    ADIC will be provided with regular status reports, no less than every six (6) months. At the end of the research project, a final report including an abstract shall be submitted to ADIC. 
4.3.    Any reports and results of the research project are to be sent to ADIC in English and in electronic form. In addition, the final report must be also be provided in the form of  a signed hardcopy and shall include all and any results of the research project.
4.4.    ADIC may use the reports and results for its internal needs, including regulatory purposes, but shall keep such information confidential in accordance with the Agreement.

5.    Publication
5.1.    All research results must be aimed to be submitted for publication in the form of a scientific article, no later than three months after the end of the research project. ADIC may freely use and disclose the results and reports of the research project, including the publication if any, (i) after three months, if the results are not submitted for publication within three months of the end of the study, (ii) after two years, if the results are submitted for publication but the publication is delayed or (iii) after publication. ADIC will be named as a supporting partner in any publication.
5.2.    ADIC must be furnished with a copy of any proposed publication thirty (30) days in advance of the submission date. Any publication in relation to the research project must, however, always be discussed with ADIC in a timely manner. Any concerns expressed by ADIC must be taken into consideration, provided however that the scientific meaning of the publication shall not be altered. ADIC may request that the submitting of such proposed publication be delayed for a maximum of an additional sixty (60) days in order to protect the potential patentability of any inventions described therein. Such delay shall not, however, be imposed on the filing or publication of any student dissertation thesis.
5.3.    ADIC encourages the use of Open Access for publishing.

6.    Right to the result of the work/Licensing
6.1.    ADIC will not be the owner of the results of the research project but will be granted a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual and royalty free right and license to freely use the results, reports and publications or translations of them for internal, educational, promotional, marketing and advertisement purposes, as long as its integrity is maintained and its original authors, citation details and publisher are identified.

7.    Independence of the research project
7.1.    ADIC has no influence on the content of the research project, in particular on any conclusions.

8.    Use of funds and Due diligence
8.1.    The awarded funding can only be used for the approved project and in accordance with the Agreement. 
8.2.    The research work must be carried out with due care and in accordance with the rules of good scientific practice, any applicable statutory framework and other public regulations as well as in compliance with the applicable principles and ethical guidelines and legal and reglementary requirements. ADIC is not responsible for any violations of the aforementioned.
8.3.    ADIC is entitled to check the lawful use of contributions at any time, with the full and diligent cooperation of the parties involved in the research project.
8.4.    In case of any misuse of the funding or any applicable provision in relation to the funding, ADIC reserves its rights to take any legal action or measure it deems necessary, including reducing, blocking or reclaiming of the funding.
8.5.    Unless agreed otherwise the parties undertake to treat confidential data or information of the other party, which they have received in fulfilment of the Agreement, as confidential, not to pass it on to third parties and not to use it for any other purpose than for the fulfilment of the Agreement.

9.    Liability
9.1.    Any liability on the part of ADIC shall be excluded to the extent permitted by law. ADIC accepts no liability for direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising in association with this Agreement and must be held harmless from any action, claims, liability or loss in respect of the performance of the research project. The research project must be performed in respect of third-party rights, including but not limited to copyrights and other intellectual property rights. ADIC is not liable for any such violation or claim from a third party.

10.    Other provisions
10.1.    No rights under the Agreement can be assigned or transferred to a third party without the prior written approval of ADIC.
10.2.    Amendments and modifications of the Agreement must always be done in writing.
10.3.    In case any provision in the Agreement shall be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.
10.4.    In the event of disputes, if the parties are unable to reach an amicable settlement, the place of jurisdiction is the competent court of the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. Swiss law shall be applicable, to the exclusion of its conflict of laws rules.